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Packaged Low NOx Burner For Low Temperature Air Heating and Closed Chamber Firing

  • Burner packaged with combustion air fan and air/fuel ratio control valves.

  • Size range from 300,000 btu/hr to 30,000,000 btu/hr with 40:1 turndown.

  • Modular options include air/gas nozzles for low temperature/low NOx air heating and indirect fired applications

  • Burner can be packaged with fuel train and burner management for a true turn-key package.

  • Fuels: Natural Gas | Propane Gas | Butane Gas | Landfill Gas | Light Fuel Oil (DF version)

B12SGR burner assembly.56.png



High Capacity Burner For Low or High Temperature Applications

  • Extremely versatile burner can be used in high capacity high temperature furnace applications or for high capacity air heating applications.

  • Size range from 3,000,000 btu/hr to 150,000,000 btu/hr with up to 15:1 turndown.

  • Fuels: Natural Gas | Propane Gas | Light Fuel Oil (DF version) | Heavy Fuel Oil (DF version)

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A Wide Range Of Brands And Burner Models Available

  • Ultra low emissions burners

  • Immersion burners

  • Line burners

  • Radiant tube burners

  • High velocity furnace burners

  • Many more burner types available

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